Power in the City

For too long we have concentrated information and decision making in the hands of a small group of individuals. As mayor I will begin a process of meaningful community engagement that meets people where they are at. I want to emphasize that my ear is open to anyone in the community with different ideas. As mayor I will intentionally start a dialogue across the city about how we can make decision making processes more accessible, equitable, and democratic.

Meaningful Community Engagement

The city should be going out of its way to ensure all citizens have access to our decision making process, and that their voices are valued. As mayor I will emphasize neighborhood plans as a way to decide land use issues, providing childcare at community events, expanding the use of technology for outreach, and holding important discussion at a variety of times and locations that are accessible to everyone. As mayor I will value communities’ voices. If a neighborhood tells me they don’t want a methane plant, I won’t try and force one on them.

Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting is a form of direct democracy where the community decides how to allocate resources to solve what they identify as their needs. Programs are currently in operation across the nation, and need to be implemented here in Louisville. The money is yours, shouldn’t you have some say in how it’s spent? As mayor I will implement a participatory budget process in Louisville.

Access to Board and Commissions

As mayor, I will empower the city’s various boards and commissions to specialize in the work they are meant to do. They will be explicitly tasked with valuing community input. I will also ensure that citizens from a multitude of experiences and backgrounds are able to participate on boards and commissions. I will do this by providing childcare and stipends for members, seeking appointees from all across the city, and providing professional staff that empower boards with information and expertise so they can make their own decisions.

Accessible, Meaningful Data

Too much of the city’s data is not accessible or in a format which can be used by everyone. I want to engage the community to find out what information is important to them, and provide it in a way that is accessible. As mayor I will find out what data and information is important to communities and provide it in a way that is accessible.

City as Facilitator

The city should find the balance between everyday people and our developers. If we are going to keep the city unique, we are going to have to be genuine about listening to what people value about their neighborhoods and consider that when we’re approving projects. As mayor I will facilitate conversations between communities and developers to find solutions that both can agree to.

Racial Equity

The city of Louisville has a history of economic development and policing practices that have taken wealth from communities of color and perpetuated the cycle of generational poverty. I plan on putting policies in place that assist communities to own and create their own wealth.

Economic Development

Right now it seems as if our city is being built for people who don’t live here yet. The constant search for corporations to own our city isn’t meeting Louisville’s needs. As mayor I’ll welcome the creative class, but not at our current residents’ expense. When you think about what you love about Louisville, what do you think about? It’s places that are unique to Louisville. If we are going to develop without pushing residents out, we have to create pathways for our residents to own their economic future.


When the community owns their own businesses they do more than maximize profits, they maximize equity and benefits to the community. Cooperatives can be apartments owned by tenants, restaurants owned by workers, or grocery stores owned by the community. As mayor I will create a cooperative development fund to help local cooperatives get off the ground.

Robust Micro Business Loan Programs

Starting a business takes money. As a small business attorney, I’ve seen too many great ideas that can’t find their first few thousand dollars. I will prioritize locally owned business startups instead of allowing wealth to flow through and out of the community.

Affordable Housing

As housing prices rise in Louisville, too many residents are getting left behind. Thousands of families are struggling to get ahead because they can barely afford to keep the roof over their head. We need to recognize quality, accessible, and affordable housing as a human right. As mayor I will create and empower community land trusts. I will increase funding to affordable housing programs, with a focus on programs that help residents own their homes.

Food Insecurity

What is a compassionate city that doesn’t guarantee access to healthy, affordable food? As Mayor I will use city resources to end food deserts, with a priority on resources for community owned and led solutions such as Freshstop and the food co-op.

Community Benefit Agreements

If large tax breaks are given to developers, there will be strings attached to make sure benefits are being fairly distributed to impacted and marginalized communities. I will demand that if any large developments want government incentives, they will have to guarantee a negotiated benefit to residents of the city.

Public Transit

Do you want Louisville to thrive as it grows? We’ll need to improve our public transit. When cities get busy there is a direct relationship between the quality of the public transit and the travel times. Our transit system should put our people within reach of jobs and recreation. As mayor I will work toward an efficient, affordable system that makes mobility widely available. This is best achieved through more funding for TARC, which is a smart investment in our future.

Restorative Justice

Louisville is experiencing a public safety crisis. Our city is experiencing a significant increase in homicides over the last few years, we have a substantial problem with domestic violence, and we have far too many people struggling with the disease of addiction. To solve these issues we need to move away from a punitive criminal justice system, and instead focus on addressing the root causes of crime. As Mayor I will do more than talk about treating these issues as a public health crisis, I will implement trauma-informed policies that do it. This isn’t just compassionate, it’s smart, and an investment up front which will save money and lives in the long term.

Meaningful Civilian Oversight of Police

Civilians should have oversight authority over the police that serve them. We need to empower the police accountability board with the ability to actually conduct oversight by allowing it subpoena powers and immediate investigative authority.

Drug Diversion

Instead of locking folks up for having an addiction, we should be sending them to rehab and giving them the support they need to successfully treat their addiction. We should also implement policies that decriminalize marijuana. As mayor I will invest significantly more in inpatient and intensive outpatient drug treatment programs.

Invest in Domestic Violence Assistance Services

We have an epidemic of domestic violence in Louisville. We need to increase resources available to victims of domestic violence so they can be safe and recover emotionally. As mayor I will increase funding to organizations that serve victims’ needs.

Mental Health & Mental Illness Treatment

We need to significantly increase funding for services that prevent and address our epidemic of people struggling with their mental health. If we can divert a prosecution and help put a person on the track to mental health we’ve improved the city and helped the people in it. As mayor I will fund treatment programs from a variety of large and small providers are crucial to getting people the help they need.

Prioritize Diversion

Having fully funded treatment programs will allow the jail to be primarily used for violent criminals. We need to follow up with folks getting out of jail to help them not reoffend. As mayor I will work with the county attorney to divert people who commit drug offenses and nonviolent crimes to treatment or home incarceration. It is not only the compassionate thing to do, it is smart.

Improve Jail Conditions

The conditions inside our jail are dehumanizing and would shock you if you saw them. Overcrowding has been a problem for far too long. We owe our incarcerated people better. As mayor I will take a leadership position on this issue and work to fix the problem.


Protecting our environment is not an optional bonus for government, it's an essential function to guarantee our continued prosperity. Louisville has the worst urban heat island effect in the nation. Our position in the Ohio River Valley means our air quality is even more impacted by emissions than in other cities. Our flood protection infrastructure is crumbling. We are going to have to address these problems head-on if we are going to maintain our quality of life. This is especially true with temperatures rising globally and a projected increase in population. As Mayor I will implement an aggressively pro-environment agenda.

Public Transportation

Moving people in mass is essential for ensuring broad access to economic opportunities, but it's also important for controlling vehicle emissions across the city. When public transportation is fast and convenient, a lot more people use it. Fewer fumes enter the atmosphere, and we all breathe easier. As mayor I will work to ensure increased access and efficiency in our public transit systems.

Water Management

Modern water management calls for practices that manage water close to the source. It means letting water enter the ground as close to where it falls as possible. As mayor I will work towards creating green solutions that help the city move away from its pavement-heavy land development practices.

MSD Rate Increase

MSD needs significantly more funding in order to update the city’s inadequate flood protection infrastructure. Without action, the potential for loss for flooding is too great. As mayor I will take a leadership position to find additional funding to adequately address the issue.

Tree Canopy

We need to do more to increase or city’s tree canopy. Trees soak up stormwater, clean the air, and cool the city. As mayor I will make sure we aren’t just protecting public trees, but also that we are protecting trees from being unnecessarily cleared for development.

West Louisville Air Quality

No matter where you live in the city, you should have the right to breath clean air. Residents in West Louisville have significantly worse air quality than the rest of the city, which has led to much higher rates of asthma and cardiovascular disease. We need strong air quality standards we actually enforce. As mayor I will make sure the Air Pollution Control Board is doing all it can to investigate and enforce Louisville’s air quality standards. I will also expand additional tree canopies and green space in West Louisville, while ensuring that expansion doesn’t put undue economic strain on residents.

Youth Empowerment

Our children are our future, and we must invest in them. In order to do so we need to support parents as well as children, especially parents struggling economically. We can do this by investing city resources in community led after-school activities and programs that support parents. As mayor I will invest in creating conditions that produce more self-sufficient young adults, we have a stronger city and save money in the long run.

Expand Daycare Access

Many working parents are struggling to afford daycare. With so much of their resources being used for childcare, their economic mobility is limited. As mayor I will use city resources to help struggling parents afford childcare. Doing so not only helps out parents, it will also create better outcomes for their children.

STEM Education

STEM literacy will make sure our children are set up to lead the future industry of our city, whatever it is. As mayor I will look to fund more after school programs in partnership with local colleges, JCPS, and the nonprofit community.

Arts Education

It is critical that we put resources into cultivating the creative and artistic talents of our children. Art, music, and theater are an essential part of what makes a city unique and a place that people love to live. When children have creative outlets they are more likely to succeed academically and less likely to end up in the criminal justice system.


Sports teach kids important values for success in life, such as discipline, sportsmanship, and working as a team. As mayor I will do more to expand after school sports opportunities for kids.

Trauma Counseling

Too many young people have experienced serious trauma that can continue to affect them the rest of their lives. Adverse childhood experiences are linked to negative academic outcomes and a higher likelihood of future involvement in the criminal justice system. As mayor I will do more to provide resources from both our current nonprofits and community-based providers that help children overcome trauma they have experienced.

Activity Buses

The city should partner with JCPS to help transport children from school to after school activities and then home again. As mayor I will do more to combine city and JCPS resources to ensure all children have increased access to after school activities they want.

Historic Preservation

We can’t stay authentic without protecting our legacy. With inevitable development pressures we need to be conscious of our historical buildings and value their importance to the community.

Proactive Preservation

Louisville is a very unique city. Part of this is because of our rich architectural history. Not everything can be saved, but more could be. I’ll make sure my administration’s experts are empowered to help us identify historic assets and keep them safe for the next generation.

Confederate Statues

These statues were built during the Jim Crow era to intimidate the city’s African American community and promote white supremacy. As mayor I would immediately support the removal of any confederate statue in the city, and do everything within my power to make it happen as quickly as possible.